Opening Hours 9.30am – 4.30pm Mon & Tues (Men only), Weds (Mixed), Thurs (Ladies only)


What is a Men's Shed?

What is Men in Sheds?

The Men in Sheds concept was created in Australia in the late 1990s to tackle social isolation and improve health and wellbeing in older men. It then spread to New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, Canada and, more recently, Europe and the USA with a total worldwide of around 2,500 Sheds in 2022.

Men’s Sheds (or Sheds) are like garden sheds, in the fact that they are places for men to pursue practical interests, practice skills and enjoy making and mending.

The difference to a garden shed is that the Men in Shed project is also about sharing knowledge and skills as well as social connections and friendship building.

Why do we need Men in Sheds projects?

Men are living longer and while this is good news, research indicates that older men are increasingly experiencing loneliness.

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness estimates that eight million men (of all ages) in the UK feel lonely at least once a week, with nearly three million reporting that it is a daily occurrence. One in ten men said they would not admit to feeling lonely.

It has been acknowledged that men respond positively to environments that allow them to feel at home and learn-by-doing, in practical group situations with other men.

Who benefits from Men in Sheds?

The project is an innovative way of engaging socially isolated men in an informal adult learning activity where they can keep mind and body active; whilst also being able to learn and understand about health and wellbeing in their changing lives.

It provides a safe, supportive and friendly setting where men can socialise, learn new skills and hone existing skills by working alongside each other on community projects and projects that raise funds for the Shed.